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I was just casually making new t-shirts for my sims and I think my hand slipped.

I also have those in a ridiculously big resolution (6000x6000, 300dpi), which would be good for a t-shirt printing. If you know what I mean (And I mean that I can upload them somewhere if you want)

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invalluable replied to your photoset “x”

your gifs are so pretty *u*

aw thanks! photoshop magic *A*

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I realised that I still don’t like how the song sounds, so I’m trying to impove it and I just tried to harmonize and IT’S SO HARD OMG, HOW DO I DO IT WITHOUT A CHOIR AND CONDUCTOR AND STUFF DDDD:

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Haircare: looking like an idiot for half an hour everytime you wash your hair. yay.

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I made a final version of “Vintage Red” cover…

Should I post only-audio here right now or make a video first?

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Everytime. This Connor Franta. I just start looking at him and can’t stop. It happens like once a year, but still.

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Shuffle music tag (?) How is this thing called anyway?

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  1. Rhett and Link – Epic Rap Battle of Manliness
  2. IAMX – Into Asylum
  3. Kikuya Tomoki (Starry Sky Original Soundtrack) – Longing
  4. Jekyll & Hyde (1995 Original Cast Recording) – Bitch, Bitch, Bitch
  5. Les Miserables Polish Cast - Jeszcze dzień (One Day More)
  6. Catch Me If You Can Original Cast – Seven Wonders
  7. Sutton Foster – I Get a Kick Out of You (Anything Goes)
  8. Deine Lakaien – Testosterone
  9. The National – Theory Of the Crows
  10. Panic! At the Disco – Folkin’ Around

Suddenly my computer decided to show you that I listen to a truckload of musicals. Which is essentially the truth, but I also listen to a big number of different obscure indie musicians. yeap.

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royalty free music struggle

I just realised that the music I used in my video is also used by Troye Sivan in his vlogs. Well, that’s embarrasing.