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My reaction when I see another left handed person——-in real life or on tv….it doesn’t matter.

aw yiss, I always get excited and perform a special “left handed hug” :DD

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I am gonna be so fucked on the first day of university.

It’s 4 am and I woke up because….?

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I am really happy about the lighting mod I downloaded, it changes so much, the whole atmosphere.

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Added a small-me to my tumblr background. This is a drawing of,well, me, which one of my friends made a while ago and I just love it so much.

Do you like it? Or does it look kind of out of place?

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Installed a truckload of mod for Skyrim and I’m really happy with the results for now.

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bespeckled-artist replied to your post: So, Liza just called me and was like: …

I want to see that! And I love your new glasses. They look great on you!

this is not me, this is actually my friend Liza. I don’t wear glasses >DD

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99% of my jokes.

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Today, I was at the dentist getting a cavity filled. Suddenly, Vance Joy’s “Riptide” came on the radio and the first line of this song is "I was scared of dentists and the dark"…oh the irony.

Also, this song made the dentist’s appointment much more enjoyable. After it, “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” by P!ATD  came on and I regained my faith in the ukrainian radio…

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Ruslan Usachev in LA, doin’ it right.

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Me: *yawning*
Mom: Have you even slept tonight, hon?
Me: Oh, yes I have slept for 7 hours…
Me: …In Candlehearth Hall in Windelm.

*epic music in the background*