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clothes and stuff.

So, there only 1 moth of summer left and I kinda started thinking about what I’m gonna do this autumn.

I’ve been a fan of mori girl (jap: forest girl) style for such a long time, probably since I got intrested in anime in seventh grade. I really love how it’s a very cute, kind of infantile style, but it’s not as flashy and in-your-face as lolita style. (I love lolita style as well, don’t get me wrong here)

But for me it’s super hard to commit to one style of clothing like it’s hard to commit to one genre of music. Sometimes I feel like wearing mori style and sometimes I feel like wearing all black and being cranky and then next day I’m all polka-dots and quirkiness.

It’s almost impossible for me to imagine myself in one style of clothing everyday, but I really want to commit to mori girl style and maybe this autumn is a good time to do this. I already wear a lot of flowy shirts (serisously, they’re like my thing >D), so now it’s time to also try some oversized jeans and woolen scarves, why not?

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Bought this backpack today, it was labeled “male” for no apparent reason (does this scream “testosterone” to you or something? I don’t know). So I went “screw your gender segregation, I like this”. No, but seriously, why do you have to label backpacks “male” or “female”?

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BTW, yeah I’m officially 19, because it’s 1 am in Ukraine >DDD

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Title: Out Tonight
Artist: Rosario Dawson
Album: RENT
♫: 20 plays

I am 19 now and that means I’m gonna listen to “Out Tonight” from Rent and “Me and You (But Mostly Me)” from The Book of Mormon all day.

Because, if you don’t know, Mimi in Rent was 19.

And Kevin Price in The Book of Mormon was also 19.

Which makes 19 kind of a special number for me. It can go both ways: Either I will find the love of my life (Mimi, duh) or overcome all odds and find my purpose in life, while re-evaluating my views and believes (Kevin, duh).>DDD

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  • be as positive as connor franta
  • be as sassy as tyler oakley
  • be as adorable as alfie deyes
  • be as beautiful as zoe sugg
  • be as sweet as jim chapman
  • be as cute as troye sivan
  • be as powerful as lilly singh
  • be as dorky as joe sugg
  • be as hilarious as caspar lee
  • be as inspiring as every youtuber out there

kind of like that, yeah.

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If you don’t think this is the cutest plush toy ever made, you’re wrong.

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Tomorrow is my birthdaaaaaay. And I have another appointment and the only thing I’m worrying about is that I haven’t done a video yet this week :_:

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It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Also, I can’t feel a half of my face now, so I’m gonna try to bite my tongue off, yay :DDDD

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I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, because I have a tooth that hurts so bad I feel like crying everytime I eat. or talk. or breath.

But I’m so nervous, I don’t know why. Or, to be honest, I know why:

1. When I was a kid, all the dentists started lecturing me and asking: “How could I let it get this far” and now I have an irrational fear of that

2. And also I’m pretty sure I have a bare nerve there and it will be PAINFUL. JUST PAIN AND DEATH AND ALL THE BAD THINGS HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME.

aaah, I’m so nervous.

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Hey, I took your "Side Link" transparent photo to use for pictures and memes. Is that ok?

Of course! I posted it for people to make more memes :33