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Playing videogames or making videos…playing videogames or making videos…tough choices of a persons who has 1 FREAKING WEEKEND DAY DDDD:

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Is there a quick and easy way to create a GIF using an iPad (I can't find one)?

erm…I don’t have an IPad, so I don’t know unfortunately :_:

I found this article though:

I hope it’s helpful!

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New books, yay! #lookatme #iamtotallysosmart #sarcasticremark

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I dream of some day visiting Ukraine. Where are the places to go, and things to do?

mmm, that might take some time. I’ll make a list and post it tomorrow (and tag you, of course, so you can see it). Okay?

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padeylicious replied to your post “HEY GURL OMG ARE YOU UKRAINIAN?!”

ME TOOOOO!!!! I was born in Kiev but now I live in Switzerland but I’m going back in three weeks for one week and idk I’m just really exited :D

OH! That’s cool. (I can suggest meeting, but it might be not a good idea? IDK)

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Hello! My name is Anneli, I'm a 17-year-old student from Tallinn, Estonia. I'm writing a paper for school and I really need your help! I'm looking for Ukrainian youth who could fill out a questionnaire (tumblr doesn't allow adding links in asks - the link is in the description of my tumblr page). I would very much appreciate it if you could share it with anyone you know who fits in the age gap of about 15-20 years. Many thanks in advance! :)

heey! Okay, sure, I’ll fill it out and then I’ll share it with my friends, I think some of them will take the survey, too X))

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oh, Tom…

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Andrea aged up to be such a cutie!