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So here’s the thing. Read the thing.


You don’t know what are you doing with your life?

Maybe you need a dose of Schadenfreude from a quirky girl (ukrainian accent comes as a bonus) that is good at making bad life decisions?

Then order now!…

Yeah, well, then I have a Youtube channel I guess. You know, one of the billions and billions. And the best thing, you can watch it.

You know how to do the thing, probably. So do the thing. And by that, I mean: watch and comment and subscribe. And be an unfunctional part of society, because pfff, why not?

Also, people who read this, because they’re beautiful humans (or cats, IDK), who follow my tumblr, reblog this and receive a badge of eternal love for free ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡

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Follow the directions.

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How-to: GIFs using Photoshop.

First of all, let’s see what software do we need for this task:

1. Photoshop (duh). You can use whatever version you have. I am using my favourite one: CS3.

2. KMPlayer. For creating frames. It’s really easy to create continuous series of screenshots in KMPlayer. And it’s free. And it’s a really cool player overall.


Now that we have our software, let’s make screenshots.

1) Open your video in KMPlayer and find a moment you want to turn into a gif.

2) Click right mouse button and choose “Capture” from the drop-down menu.


4) Now press Start and then play your video. If you did everything right the frame count will start.

Note: You don’t have to play the whole video, you can play only the moment you want to gif (I’m sorry for being obvious, but I actually didn’t know that, when I first started, so.)

5) Now close KMPlayer and open Adobe Photoshop. Go to Files => Scripts => Load Files into Stack and you choose your frames there and Photoshop will load them into one file as multiple layers.

6) Go to Window => Animation and this will open the animation tab. Also open Actions tab, we will need it later. Now your workspace should look something like this, but in your language (I totally forgot that my Photoshop was in Russian, ahaha)

7) Now, EDITING. 

8) Now that you have your adjustment layers created, opacity set and it looks great, you can create subtitles to your gif if you need them. I recommend using Regular Italic Arial for those purposes, but you can choose your own font, of course, I am not your mother :D

9) Now you need to create frames. You can do that by clicking tiny button in the right top corner of Animation tab () and choosing Create frames from layers option. 

10) Delete all the frames you don’t need from the timeline, like the ones with the adjustment layers and text.

11) Now pick all the layers either by holding SHIFT button and clicking the first and the last frame or click the drop down menu at the corner of the Animation tab and click “Select All Frames”.

12) While all the frames are selected make your adjustment layers and text visible in the layers tab and they will apply to all frames.

13) (All frames are still selected) Set your frame rate: click the little black arrow under the first frame and select one of the option in the drop-down menu. I recommend something between 0.1-0.13 seconds.

NOTE: For some reason GIFs are slittly faster once you upload them on tumblr and view them in browser, that’s why in Photoshop you should make your GIFs look a little bit slower than you actually want them to be.

14) Go to Files => Save for Web and Devices

15) At the bottom of the tab you will see the size of your gif. If it’s under 1 Mb - great, if it’s not, you have to Optimize your GIF.

16) To reduce the size of your gif, you’ll probably need to lower its quality.

17) Save your gif.


I hope this was helpful, craighuge and other people who read this. NOW GO AND CREATE STUFF. 

If you have any questions, just ask me, I’ll be happy to answer ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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I really like this book and I think it’s super helpful, but I cannot get through it, because I have it in digital format. And this, once again, shows just how much I hate to read books on my computer.

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Tom Cleary: Do penguins ever just want to go for a good poke?
Sister Harriet: Oh, we get curious. But then they show us a photograph 
of your sorry face and we all run right back into the arms of God.
Your ugly mug’s responsible for more girls staying virgins 
than the chastity belt.

heavenly burn.

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  • I’m sorry but even 5 minutes of Barrow is too much Barrow. I like that the characters’ screentimes are balanced, but if we must focus an episode on someone from The Knick, please, anyone but the corrupt, mafia-controlled director who dreams of running away with a girl he pays to bear his presence. He’s already been established as a sleaze. We know.
  • Harry and Cleary, the intrepid abortion duo, are now my favorites (I also finally made the connection that Harriet donates the money from the abortions to the orphanage).
  • Aww, Thack repeating Edwards’ explanation, look at his conservative racist heart slowly melting.
  • She’s just not that into you, Bertie, and it makes me sad too.
  • My heart breaks for baby Lillian, but I kind of lol’ed at the sequence of scenes of Thack going: “Oh no, a baby’s dying … wait, look, is that a bicycle?” (though of course they were going for the whole freedom from all worries aspect of riding one).
  • And what the hell happened in Nicaragua?

“Oh no, a baby’s dying … wait, look, is that a bicycle?”

This is exactly what I thought about this scene. I liked it for the Elkins and Thackery chemistry though. Such cuties.

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craighuge reblogged your post Do you need (photoshop) help? and added:

I’d love to know how to create GIFS, I’ve used photoshop for years but never made/ had the time to create

Okay, sure, I will help you. I’ll make a how-to and post it today or tomorrow X)

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Sometimes I really consider bold brows as a life choice.

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Are you still helping people with photo editing etc? All I want is someone to edit a picture of my comic-con costume onto a different background for my blog! Would you be able/willing to do this? :)

Yes, of course, write me a non-anonymous ask and we’ll talk about that X)